Gallia Lait Croissance(start 12months to 3 years)package(6*800g)

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3th age

Between 12 months and 3 years, the child is growing and has specific needs that cow's milk is not responding.


This is why the National Health and Nutrition Progamme recommends that 500 ml of milk per day growth. Closely with the medical profession, the Laboratory has created Gallia  Growth relay milks Gallia second age.


To give your child good eating habits and do not get used to the taste too sweet, milk Gallia growth is not vanilla flavor. Gallia Growth is also 30 times more iron than milk semi-skimmed cow (Souci 2008). Iron is an essential nutrient that contributes to the development of the immune system of the body.


From 12 months, the child needs four to six times more iron than adult *.


However, only 10-25% of the iron content in the diet is absorbed by the body. Therefore give Gallia Growth child, can complete their daily intake of iron.


* In relation to body weight


Gallia Growth is also:


     Calcium and vitamin D for bone building

     Nearly 15 times more essential fatty acids than milk from semi-skimmed cow (Souci 2008), brain development

     Almost 2 times less protein than cow's milk to avoid overloading the body of the baby.

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